Manufactured from materials able to decompose safely in the environment.

A one-time, no-strings attached, present or gift. E.g., a law-firm sends a holiday gift to each of its clients.

Merchandise used to motivate an employee or participant. Employee or participant are aware of what can be received and actively work towards getting it. E.g., salespeople are promised vacation packages if they achieve their numbers.

Produced without using fossil fuels or synthetics.

Performance Fabric (“Wicking”)
Fabric made from polyester which allows perspiration to be pulled away from the wearer’s body for evaporation. Athletes generally use performance-fabrics.

Recipient takes some form of action in order to get something. E.g., opening a checking account and getting a toaster.

Promotional Product
Merchandise given away with no required action on the recipients’ part. Promotional products are primarily used for advertising and marketing purposes, though they are useful for many other purposes. E.g., a pizza-parlor gives out a magnet, golf tournament participants receive coolers.

Made from recycled materials that come from previously used consumer products (post-consumer waste), from scraps created during manufacturing (post-industrial).

Produced using materials that can be reclaimed and re-used in new products.

Designed to be repeatedly used over a period of time.

Madee from sustainable or renewable materials that can be replenished easily.